Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there

Back by popular demand is another round of photo safari goodness! *hooray!* I had 4 major goals for this evening: spend “be still” time with the Lord run eat at Stubb’s BBQ fulfill a sweet tooth fantasy at Amy’s Ice Cream I’m happy to say I accomplished ALL of my goals…and even walked away with a bonus feature – a vintage treasure, if you will. (Comment for a hint. Yes, I’m going to be vague again. If you read these side musings of mine and actually comment, then I must know you and love you dearly. I see so many … Continue reading Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there

march = bullmoose

BULLY! The following occurs in real time. (Not really.) I love to blog…whenever I get around to it. This post represents a brief (very brief) summary of my life over the last few months. I went skiing – first time on blades. One of my best friends got married and I got to attend. πŸ™‚ My first niece was born – Miss Tabitha! πŸ˜€ (Her parents – great friends of mine who just celebrated their first anniversary! Time sure does fly – asked me to take her newborn portraits. It was a great honor.) I got to see The Civil … Continue reading march = bullmoose


THANK YOU, GINNY CORBETT! I have been…..(wait for it)…..RENEWed. πŸ™‚ RENEW defined. – definition… 1. to make effective for an additional period 2. to restore or replenish 3. to revive; reestablish my blog post preparing for the workshop: RENEW workshop website: Ginny Corbett Photography – RENEW RENEW divulged. – what I gained… lifelong friends and industry partners technical camera skills posing ideas and interpersonal tips workflow efficiency and editing tricks practical hands-on training and application RENEW displayed. – gallery of portfolio…   Continue reading RENEWed


~ from Ginny Corbett Photography Define: Renew -Verb (used with object) 1. to make effective for an additional period 2. to restore or replenish 3. to revive; reestablish Have you ever felt β€œstuck”? Creatively stuck? Personally stuck? Do you feel bound to your computer? Overwhelmed with editing? Inbox overflowing? A To-Do list a mile long? Have you ever felt like your systems were ineffective? Your workflow disorganized? Are you unsure of how to relate to your clients? Bring the best out of them during photo shoots? Do you find yourself focusing on fixing your weaknesses instead of embracing your strengths? … Continue reading RENEW