Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there

Back by popular demand is another round of photo safari goodness! *hooray!*

I had 4 major goals for this evening:

  1. spend “be still” time with the Lord
  2. run
  3. eat at Stubb’s BBQ
  4. fulfill a sweet tooth fantasy at Amy’s Ice Cream

I’m happy to say I accomplished ALL of my goals…and even walked away with a bonus feature – a vintage treasure, if you will. (Comment for a hint. Yes, I’m going to be vague again. If you read these side musings of mine and actually comment, then I must know you and love you dearly. I see so many hits on my blog, but not very much lovin’. It makes me sad. Think “Miss Hit-and-Run” – name that movie.)

Downtown. Nothing beats going there. (Shout out to Petula Clark!)

I hope you enjoy my Austin Evening Adventure! (Send love notes below. K? Thanks.)

Sundrenched gorgeousness. If my life were all about running, I would move down to Austin in a heartbeat.
I. LOVE. Texas. Sunsets!


This HAS to be a real life superhero comic book building. The guy on the bicycle is that one dude who changes into someone extra cool and does awesome things like saving children from burning buildings and ol’ grannies about to be hit by buses in the crosswalk off Congress & 3rd and customers who are slightly peeved that the barista failed to pour that one extra shot of espresso into their warm and toasty cup of delight. His name is Mr. Electric. Original, I know. But hey, it’s true.
This. is. EPIC!!! MAJOR #WINNING!!! (Shout out to the Berg’s…who I still need to meet in person.)
Who *is* that weird guy taking his own running silhouette?! Oh wait, I’m in Austin. It’s ok to be weird.


hehe…hehehe. Where is PETA when you need her?!
Austinites love their puppies. And the puppies love to swim. How cute!
This shot was taken SPECIFICALLY for the ever fabulous Ginny Corbett of Ginny Corbett Photography, forever friend of yours truly. #treesaresexyandyouknowit
Every step we take is only by His grace. Each hurdle we encounter is meant to guide us to the throne to seek power from the only One we can trust to get us to the ultimate finish line.
The runners of Austin thank you, kind puppy owners! 🙂
I thought to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be awesome to see a Saint Bernard?” Lo, and behold! It’s Beethoven himself! Made my day.
Yeah, a warm Texas run wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Sir Hiss. He deliberately dodged. “Poppycock! Female bandits…what’s next?! Rubbish.”
Hey, Swans! Where are your friends, Abigail & Amelia? 😉
I am loving the new Nike+ Running interface! Works like a champ.
For the record, I didn’t get a chance to see the sunset bats. But I did see a Batman-esque insignia. How neat is that?!
BEST. BBQ. OF. MY. LIFE. Jalapeno Brisket = to die for. Go try it for yourselves and tell me I’m wrong. I dare you.
The Capitol, nearly without a Moon.
This place is weird. (Welcome to Austin!) I liked it a whole lot! These folks are champs. Flinging ice cream across the room like the Pike Place Market fish toss. Not even kidding. I got the Mexican Vanilla & Shiner mix. A-MA-ZING! I can see why this is a tradition.
…and this is after 11PM. Yeah. It’s that good.
This, my friends, is a grandpa photobooth. The FILM actually DEVELOPS inside the booth. No digital business here. LEGIT! I’m VERY pleased with the results, too.

Btdubbs – to the guy who owns that red & white motorbike which I saw getting smashed by a huge white Ford truck in the parallel parking spot off of 5th – I hurt for you, bro.

This was essentially my last opportunity, at least for this trip, to enjoy the local scenery. I had the time of my life. But I wish I had my favorite folks with me to share these amazing moments with.

Roadtrip anyone???

5 thoughts on “Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there

  1. I’m noooooot sure you can handle the level of crazy that comes with a McG & Friends road trip. But man, it’d sure be fun to do a group photo safari! 🙂 do more of these posts, for sure!!


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