march = bullmoose


The following occurs in real time. (Not really.)

I love to blog…whenever I get around to it. This post represents a brief (very brief) summary of my life over the last few months.

I went skiing – first time on blades.

One of my best friends got married and I got to attend. 🙂

My first niece was born – Miss Tabitha! 😀 (Her parents – great friends of mine who just celebrated their first anniversary! Time sure does fly – asked me to take her newborn portraits. It was a great honor.)

I got to see The Civil Wars again. Love them! HOB is cool, but Common Grounds was much more intimate. I’m so glad I finally have a group I followed from its debut. HUGE congrats to Joy & John Paul. Keep it goin’!

I traveled to Birmingham…twice. Once for work, another time for my former housemate’s wedding. (JEANSON! SAUNA! :D) I got to see my granddad both times and my cousin the last trip on my drive back to the Republic of Texas.

I shot a wedding for some good friends. JMAC officiated.

I planned a honeymoon for a travel client. Viva l’Italia! (New & exciting things are brewing with my travel agent endeavors. I can’t wait to see where I land.)

I registered to attend the incredibly amazing Ginny Corbett’s RENEW workshop in Dallas. STOKED!!! Ginny ROCKS! I can’t wait for the reunion…and the learning opportunity to develop my photography workflow.

SHOUT OUT to McG! I love y’all. Thank you for constantly encouraging me to push harder, inspiring me with your stunning creativity, and just being super awesome friends! I can’t wait to schedule a coffee date with y’all! (Way back in 2011: Johnny & June theme shoot. SO worth it!)

I got to babysit my adorable nephew today. He’s basically my favorite. The cutest little prez in the world ever. We had so much fun while Mom & Dad were out on a date. Here he is with Mimi:


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