I just came back from an amazing mission trip to Mexico.

God is truly at work in this country. Despite the heavy influence of Roman Catholicism, God has raised up godly Christian men to preach the Truth to needy people.

I was blessed to serve alongside a wonderful team of believers.

Our trip took place in Ciudad Victoria. The sub-team I served on for the VBS portion of the trip went to a “desert” village, called Zaus, (also spelled Sauz).

Just to hit a few highlights from the trip:

  • On the way down to Mexico, from Dallas – I got to help out in work projects at the Gibson’s house. Duane and Marilyn have been serving God faithfully among the Mexican people. Also, through their correspondence ministry, they have reached thousands of people in South America. The Gibson’s have greatly encouraged me to serve God with a whole heart!
  • During each morning, the whole mission team would go together to do work projects at a local pastor’s house & church. Fidel and his wife, Rebecca, serve in a neighborhood that is nestled against a very beautiful mountain range. Our work projects consisted of cleaning & painting benches; mixing concrete; filling the back yard with dirt; painting the house interior; and raising the walls for future levels of the property. Each day, our group was served AUTHENTIC Mexican food, prepared by Rebecca, Elisa (her twin sister), and a few of the ladies from our team. I have come to love a unique dish they serve in Mexico: Cactus! Who knew?!
  • When I went out to Zaus each afternoon for the Vacation Bible School portion of the trip, I had the privilege of serving alongside of Pastor Oberlin, Pastor Julio, Jose Luis, and their families. What an amazing time! Not only was I able to encourage the village people, but I was also encouraged by these pastors. I have often heard that when you go to serve, you often come back feeling blessed yourself. This is so true!
  • Each night, after VBS and dinner, we would go to an outdoor recreation park to hand out literature. The Mexican people were eager to accept. I am sure that God will allow His Word to spread, even if the literature is ignored.

This is just a quick pass over the work God accomplished through us as we worked in Mexico. I wish I could spend more time telling you about this amazing trip. May God receive all the glory from our time down in Mexico!

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