Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

I recently took a work trip up to chilly Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This trip was created for the purpose of taking an MD-81 on it’s maiden voyage for our charter company.

Talk about an experience?!

I got to put my photography skills to work on a “semi-professional” level, for the first time!

Check out the photos from the trip:

Lots of PLANES were involved on this trip. First, I would like to thank AirTran…but what do they matter?! 😉

For the cargo on the MD-81 flight, we had to take all the paperwork for the airplane so that the FAA would be happy. The paper weighed in at just over 1200 lbs.!!

It was rather nice being the ONLY passengers on the plane. Therefore, we got to practice our in-flight service skills…a.k.a. flight attendant training! haha

It was a great flight. Kudos to Captain Mussman and First Officer Purcey!

The Florida weather is always interesting. Our preparation for landing was quite smooth. But right as we got to the runway, this “microburst” (or something similar) hit us. It was a very interesting situation for us in the back. Nice dry weather, and then all of a sudden, water is streaming across the window! That’s Florida for you….

As for the TRAINS…the only thing I could come up with was the unique experience of Orlando’s train/tram system to get to the terminal. Also, Atlanta saved us some time by getting us to another terminal faster…instead of doing the moving walkway routine. 😉

AUTOMOBILES…yes, this was intriguing. I experienced a couple different rental cars during this trip. The first one, the new Ford Edge SUV, was very comfortable & stylish. Two thumbs up!! The second car, some Chevy, was, shall we say, less than satisfactory. The upholstery job was shabby. Plus, the car had a smoky aroma to it. I guess I got my secondhand high for the day…. 😦 Also, I was rather disappointed with the way the local Floridians drive. No sense whatsoever in traffic movement! And highway patrol was obviously not paying attention letting this drunk guy drive on the interstate. This guy tailgated us in the left lane, rather recklessly, getting WAY too close. And yes, the inevitable happened – he tapped us!

One of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity we had to go to the Milwaukee Brewers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks game at Miller Park! Not only were the Brewers successful, but Randy Johnson also made a new career record. He passed Roger Clemens’ strike out record! When Johnson left the field, photographers were obviously popping out of the woodwork. One of these said photographers snapped a shot for USA Today. In the far left portion of the shot, you will find Jonathan!

Overall, this trip gets a great score in my opinion. No trip is half as fun without some kind of “exciting” story to tell.

I really enjoyed traveling with my brother and dad! It made for a great trip!! 🙂

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