Fire Alarm

So I have this knack for being in the right place at the wrong time.

Fire alarms are not uncommon when I’m around.

I participated in drills all the time during elementary school.

I traveled to Western Europe several years ago. Apparently they love their fire drills. They got me rushing out of the shower just to practice a “false alarm.” I also got separated from my dad at the Heathrow airport because of their crazy obsession with utter cacophony.

Colleges have always been a battle ground for fire alarms. Students decide they don’t want to take tests, so they set rolls of toilet paper on fire in the bathroom. Genius! NOT!! (You find out what kind of talent some of the professors have when they scream, halfway across campus without a megaphone, “MOVE IT!!!!”)

This post has been produced out of recent inspiration. Once again, I have been a victim of the notorious fire alarm.

“Curse you, Red Baron!!”

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