Jason Aldean and the Five-O

No, he hasn’t formed a new band. (As far as I know.)

I thought about calling this post “Midnight at the Gym,” but that wouldn’t be entirely true. What is true, however, is I discovered a handful of amazing/thrilling/comforting things around said time.

  1. I can add one more song to the Triple P – Perfect Pacesetter Playlist. Thank you, Jason!
  2. I do believe that was the first time I’ve actually run a 5k on a treadmill. Don’t judge. Although, it was under the air conditioning vent. Okay, feel free to judge now. I’ve been spoiled.
  3. I’ve never felt safer at Mickey D’s. I saw at least two vehicular members of the force in the immediate vicinity (a.k.a. the 24-hour drive-thru). If any others were in stealth mode, kudos to them. Mission accomplished. (Just in case you were wondering why I would hit up a McD’s after the gym, it’s called a craving. And I earned it.)
  4. As I ingested the super delicious premium grilled chicken and bacon wrap, I noticed a lone skateboarder…gliding down the middle of the highway. The highway…….?! After getting over the randomness of this occurrence, performed in front of the local service men, I really wanted to see some red and blue flashes, but then I felt bad. I guess that’s not illegal…? Regardless, it would’ve been way cooler if he did it in a bear suit. Just sayin’.
  5. I was reminded earlier in the evening something rather simple, but incredibly and eternally profound that basically makes everything I’ve typed thus far meaningless. Yeah. The great central unifying theme of the entire Bible is this:

God is redeeming a people by His Son, for His Son, to His own glory.

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