running 1 – wave

As I train for my second half marathon(!!!), I figured it would be fun to blog some of my crazy adventures. Thus, the idea for this “running etiquette” series.

(Each post in this series is listed numerically. However, this number system should not imply order of importance. I’m merely posting these as I come across them. I’m fairly positive there will be a large portion of sincerity in each post, but do realize I cannot help but throw in some humor and sarcasm. Running involves people; therefore, these posts are bound to include some humor. :))

No. 1 – Wave

“Smile and wave, boys.”

Even the Madagascar penguins have this one down. And I doubt they bother running. (Can penguins even run?)

I’ve been semi-annoyed (okay, a lot annoyed) by the lack of politeness on the running trails. Here is what I see 89% of the time when I’m out running.

Picture a long approach – say 0.2 miles. I can see you coming. I know you can see me coming.

We near each other at a dangerous head-on foot pace. Now, the common courtesy would be to wave (or nod) at each other as we pass. For me, I would feel a lot more comfortable completing the rest of my run if I knew you weren’t some creeper who will jump out of the bushes when I make my return leg. (Hey, it can happen….)

Do other runners wave or nod at me? No.

For the 11% who sympathize with me, bless your hearts. I’m down for a high five or fist bump. For real.

I love my running community. Don’t think I’m hating on runners exclusively. Bikers – you’re included in this monologue. I know your hands are full. But your head isn’t. (At least not with any tasks. Get rid of the “I own the road” attitude and make room for the runners. I have more leverage on the ground. Fear me.) The least y’all can do is nod. Come on. Seriously.

Rant over.

See y’all on the trails. I’ll probably be the only crazy person acknowledging your presence.

Moral: Share the road with courtesy.

4 thoughts on “running 1 – wave

  1. I like the idea behind this series. You should run the trails in Georgetown if you’re looking for friendly people. I would say that my percentages are reversed (except the bikers; you’re dead on with them) and I love the unity that occurs even from a simple nod of the head.


    1. Georgetown might be a little bit from you but you’re always welcome in our neck of the woods.


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