a word to the…wise?

Or a word to those that find themselves in worst case scenarios on a continual basis.

I find the situation I’m about to share with you rather nightmare-like.

How often do you find yourself falling from a 10 story building?
Do you blackout right before you hit the ground…and then find yourself having stuck the landing? (To help calm the rush from a near death experience, you imagine you hear a “10!” Incidentally, the next season of Dancing with the Stars is right around the corner – Monday, September 22!)

Well, if your 10 story building happens to be a hub for local waste management companies, you might be pleased with the new crash pads available for your fast landing.

Having set up the scenario, I now turn you over to the experts, who tell you how to stick a totally awesome combo somersault, triple toe luxe, fall…off a 10 story building.

(taken from: http://www.worstcasescenarios.com/scenario.htm?scenarioid=43)

Extreme Survival

How to Jump from a Building into a Dumpster

How to Jump

1. Jump straight down. If you leap off and away from the building at an angle, your trajectory will make you miss the Dumpster. Resist your natural tendency to push off.

2. Tuck your head and bring your legs around. To do this during the fall, execute a three-quarter revolution—basically, a not-quite-full somersault. This is the only method that will allow a proper landing, with your back facing down.

3. Aim for the center of the Dumpster.

4. Land flat on your back so that when your body folds, your feet and hands meet. When your body hits any surface from a significant height, the body folds into a V. This means landing on your stomach can result in a broken back.

Be Aware

* If the building has fire escapes or other protrusions, your leap will have to be far enough out so you miss them on your way down. The landing target needs to be far enough from the building for you to hit it.

* The Dumpster may be filled with bricks or other unfriendly materials. It is entirely possible to survive a high fall (five stories or more) into a Dumpster, provided it is filled with the right type of trash (cardboard boxes are best) and you land correctly.

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