To be or not to be…hmmm…

As most of you know, I have a Tuesday/Thursday class schedule at UTA.

Well, for my accounting info. systems class, I was told I had to attend a mandatory lecture Friday (10/12) at 7 pm. The guest speaker is a board member of FASB (faz-bee; a.k.a. Financial Accounting Standards Board.) This guy was also an employee of Arthur Andersen (ENRON!! Does this ring a bell? I had to write a paper about this in my Principles 1 class, so I should know…lol!) You wouldn’t think FASB and Arthur Andersen would appear together on a resume…oxymoron….Anyway, so I go to this lecture and hear a monotone speaking voice for an hour…I pretty much tried to induce myself to sleep…which wasn’t too hard to do.

Basically, this lecture led me to think I should change my major! lol

What a mess…in my mind, I don’t think I want to be in a field that constantly tries to cover up mistakes…hide this item here, protect this information from going public, etc. I think I’ll stick to Home Economics…kidding, kidding! Actually, this issue of majors/careers has been in my thought process for awhile now.

Goodbye Accounting…Hello _________! (In reality, that blank might contain the phrase Business Management!)

I guess I’d better end here…coffee anyone??

jazz hands

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