Let’s Brunch!

I’m dripping with confessions these days. I’ve gone through my fair share of phases with food preferences. I grew up on cereal and breakfast shakes and sometimes eggs, waffles, or pancakes. And I liked breakfast…until we broke up. At some point, breakfast and I stopped being friends. Everyone says that it’s the most important meal of the day. And while research offers many valid reasons for this reality, my changing appetite disagreed. I took a break from breakfast. Then I discovered brunch. Continue reading Let’s Brunch!

brothers forever

Y’all might not need a kleenex for this post, but I will. I’m kind of a mess right now. I know we’re supposed to become more responsible as we get older and become real adults…but frankly, this stuff just plain stinks. Selfishly, I hate seeing one of my best friends move away. I’d rather keep my inner circle geographically close. But I know the Lord has bigger plans for each of us. His ways & thoughts are far greater and holier than mine. I know He will use my brother & his family to accomplish great things in the Volunteer … Continue reading brothers forever

remember when…?

My recent escapade to the capital of weirdness brought about an epiphany. I wonder when I last used a film camera…. Believe it or not – my first camera was NOT digital. Soon after I hit my one year anniversary with Walgreens, I got promoted from the customer service rep position to the photo lab tech spot. I touched film quite a bit. It always intrigued me. I never experimented with my own film, just the customers’. So when I left the lab, I basically lost all connections with the film world. After being so heavily involved in the digital … Continue reading remember when…?