dance. dance. yeah.

I totally just had the night of my life! I decided it was about time for me to go learn ballroom and latin dancing. I went to Arthur Murray in Plano, expecting to get a sales pitch with a few dance moves as a bonus. Au contraire! I learned the foundation steps for any dance style, danced to a wide variety of music, and met several people who enjoy dancing as I do. Take a look at this list of the different styles I danced…in one night, mind you!…: Foxtrot Rumba Jitterbug Cha Cha Waltz Merengue (with a Conga Line!!! … Continue reading dance. dance. yeah.

melting pot: part deux

Another conglomeration of thoughts from the “pen” of jazz hands. An update on photographic adventure with NYIP: I am currently studying Lesson 4, from Unit 1. This lesson focuses on “how to use your camera.” It discusses the various creative outlets a photographer can use to produce a “perfect” picture. The author presents the subjects of Aperture priority and Shutter Speed. The lesson teaches me how to use these two subjects to create Depth of Field (DOF). I am enjoying this course very much. I will soon be working on my first photo project. I will try to post part … Continue reading melting pot: part deux