Look Up

I’ve always been fascinated by the sky. At night with the stars. During the day with clouds, the sun’s rays, and rainbows. Sunrises and sunsets are uniquely beautiful. It’s like an artist took a giant paintbrush and painted the sky like a canvas. Sunsets are my absolute favorite. I’ve been photographing them for years. Why? Because I need the reminder to slow down, reflect, and look up. Continue reading Look Up

Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there

Back by popular demand is another round of photo safari goodness! *hooray!* I had 4 major goals for this evening: spend “be still” time with the Lord run eat at Stubb’s BBQ fulfill a sweet tooth fantasy at Amy’s Ice Cream I’m happy to say I accomplished ALL of my goals…and even walked away with a bonus feature – a vintage treasure, if you will. (Comment for a hint. Yes, I’m going to be vague again. If you read these side musings of mine and actually comment, then I must know you and love you dearly. I see so many … Continue reading Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there