treasure hunter

I know what you’re thinking. National Treasure, right? Well, that’s about how good I feel after my finds. 🙂 No gold for me. Just books & music. And I’m quite pleased with them. (Many thanks to my good friend, D!) Check out my newly acquired trove below: I’ve been a Food Network/TV Chef fan for as long as I can remember. I even remember Julia reruns from when I was growing up. 1. Mastering the Art of French Cooking: After watching Julie & Julia, I knew I had to get this book. I’m not the biggest fan of French cuisine…but … Continue reading treasure hunter

What do deep dish, Hitch, and South Africa have in common?

I haven’t totally lost my mind. This definitely happened. Only in Chicago, right? (Shameless social media plug: Follow my adventurousness at #ProjectMikeMeetsChicago) I’ll get to the juicy stuff from the title momentarily, but let me set it up with a few more touristy happenings. I like big cities. Hustle and bustle. Taxi cabs. Crosswalks. People…lots of people. Diversity. Food. Local cultural hodge-podge. Color. Lights. *insert Petula Clark singing Downtown* Saturday was kind of like The Muppets Take Manhattan, but without the voiceovers or the plethora of NE accents. I put on my proverbial daring hat and shuttled myself from O’Hare … Continue reading What do deep dish, Hitch, and South Africa have in common?

warrior 2: lead by example

– I’m encouraged by men devoted to speaking the truth in love. – I still feel inadequate…and always will. – Krispy Kreme & Starbucks sound really good right about now. – Babs sure has the perfect voice for an evening in JAX. – Long phone calls are a wonder when out traveling. – The world is loud. Make time to hear God’s whisper. – I’m thankful for the many blessings in my life. I don’t get on my knees enough and say that to the One who gave them to me. – Snow, hot chocolate, blankets, a roaring fire, and … Continue reading warrior 2: lead by example

come on, baby! photo safari! (Austin style…meaning weird)

So, I had a change of plans. I decided to postpone my running until EARLY tomorrow morning (SO incredibly rare for me since I’m a night/midnight runner at heart.) I would rather not be attacked or kidnapped on the poorly lit (due to nightfall) 4.5 mile track between the hotel, river, and downtown. (Some of you follow me on Twitter & Facebook, so you should recognize the kidnapping reference from earlier…yeah….) This wicked cool photo safari happened due to a wrong turn. Seriously. This is yet another time where I am amazed at God’s providence, even in the “little” things. … Continue reading come on, baby! photo safari! (Austin style…meaning weird)

Two Hundred Fifty.

ONE | Soli Deo Gloria. I’m still here. I don’t know why, but God knows. Lots of changes since my first post. Lots. (First blog post ever: Welcome to BHG! Posted on October 10…2007!? I can’t believe I just shared the link to this. Embarrassment shall ensue. Two words: Don’t. Judge. I’m the worst critic of my writing. I must press on, however.) TWO | I got to chat with (mostly listen to) 5 amazing men of God tonight. I haven’t been this refreshed in…I don’t know how long. (Check out this site. Now. Reasons for Hope. And. Watch one … Continue reading Two Hundred Fifty.


Starbucks is my hero. Coconut is in the house. I love coconut. Love. Iced Coffee w/ Breve, Vanilla, and COCONUT! I feel like I shall soon be part of the Gump family. Last night – 3.21 miles. Totally beat my 5k pace. I’m so happy. I’m still evaluating the pros and cons of carrying a self-defense weapon. Any recommendations? I must say, as much as I like night runs, nothing beats running with friends. (Comment if you notice any particular theme in this post.) New favorite iPhone app: Words with Friends. Do yourself a favor and download it. Now. Get … Continue reading coconutty