conglomeration of the fourteenth october day

I was very productive today. The to-do list is down to an all-time low! (Just a little OCD? Maybe….) Taking over the global scene…one giant mug of coffee at a time? Check. Satisfying my Chinese food craving? Check. Getting car washed (long overdue. I will miss the lovely pictures on the top of my car, however. ;)) and finding out it was my 10th visit (translation: $11.99 off!)? Check. Finishing Phase 1 of room transformation? Check. Making Mission Crème Brûlée a success? Check. Topping the day off with a few episodes of LOST Season 6 with Andrew over a cup … Continue reading conglomeration of the fourteenth october day

Semi Colon – please pray!

(original blog post at Semi Colon) Thursday, September 23, 2010 Nausea Sorry for no update in a while! I’ve been sleeping pretty much all the time, hence, no blogging! I have turned off my phone ringer, too, so if you’ve called me and I have yet to return your call/text… I’m very sorry. I’m working on it! 😉 Since I’ve been home, I’ve been super nauseated. So nauseated that I’m hardly eating or drinking. I’ve lost 7 pounds since Saturday. I saw GI Dr on Wednesday, hoping for some answers about the nausea. I was super nauseated like this for … Continue reading Semi Colon – please pray!