running 2 – don’t play with the wildlife

No, I didn’t actually encounter an R.O.U.S. Yes, a very stealthy armadillo snuck up on me. No, I wasn’t wearing earbuds. I have no clue how I didn’t see this dude coming. I don’t really want either one within 7.4 feet of me. Ever. One will eat you; the other will give you leprosy. Evil. P.S. I still haven’t seen The Princess Bride all the way through. Continue reading running 2 – don’t play with the wildlife

Jason Aldean and the Five-O

No, he hasn’t formed a new band. (As far as I know.) I thought about calling this post “Midnight at the Gym,” but that wouldn’t be entirely true. What is true, however, is I discovered a handful of amazing/thrilling/comforting things around said time. I can add one more song to the Triple P – Perfect Pacesetter Playlist. Thank you, Jason! I do believe that was the first time I’ve actually run a 5k on a treadmill. Don’t judge. Although, it was under the air conditioning vent. Okay, feel free to judge now. I’ve been spoiled. I’ve never felt safer at … Continue reading Jason Aldean and the Five-O

running 1 – wave

As I train for my second half marathon(!!!), I figured it would be fun to blog some of my crazy adventures. Thus, the idea for this “running etiquette” series. (Each post in this series is listed numerically. However, this number system should not imply order of importance. I’m merely posting these as I come across them. I’m fairly positive there will be a large portion of sincerity in each post, but do realize I cannot help but throw in some humor and sarcasm. Running involves people; therefore, these posts are bound to include some humor. :)) No. 1 – Wave … Continue reading running 1 – wave

when I run, I feel His pleasure

One of my favorite movies to watch when I was growing up was Chariots of Fire. And one of my favorite hobbies and sports is running. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that my hero is Eric Liddell. Eric is best known for being an Olympic runner, specifically in the 1924 Paris Olympics. He is often referred to as the “Flying Scotsman.” (My family heritage on my mother’s side is Scottish. Yet one more reason to appreciate this incredible athlete and strong man of God.) Eric was born and raised in China by his missionary parents. After college and his Olympic … Continue reading when I run, I feel His pleasure

Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there

Back by popular demand is another round of photo safari goodness! *hooray!* I had 4 major goals for this evening: spend “be still” time with the Lord run eat at Stubb’s BBQ fulfill a sweet tooth fantasy at Amy’s Ice Cream I’m happy to say I accomplished ALL of my goals…and even walked away with a bonus feature – a vintage treasure, if you will. (Comment for a hint. Yes, I’m going to be vague again. If you read these side musings of mine and actually comment, then I must know you and love you dearly. I see so many … Continue reading Bonus Blog Friday | nothing beats going there

come on, baby! photo safari! (Austin style…meaning weird)

So, I had a change of plans. I decided to postpone my running until EARLY tomorrow morning (SO incredibly rare for me since I’m a night/midnight runner at heart.) I would rather not be attacked or kidnapped on the poorly lit (due to nightfall) 4.5 mile track between the hotel, river, and downtown. (Some of you follow me on Twitter & Facebook, so you should recognize the kidnapping reference from earlier…yeah….) This wicked cool photo safari happened due to a wrong turn. Seriously. This is yet another time where I am amazed at God’s providence, even in the “little” things. … Continue reading come on, baby! photo safari! (Austin style…meaning weird)