when God says no

Do you give thanks to the Lord for closing a door in your life? Or do you ever ask Him to prevent you from having a super cool opportunity? He knows best. And His plan is perfect. Many people say that, but do they really believe it? I had a really neat (rare) opportunity pop up (with very little lead time) that forced me to pray. Prayer for wisdom. Prayer for discernment. Prayer for a calm nervous system and sharp brain and constant, friendly smile. But I also prayed for the Lord to be glorified in the yes or the … Continue reading when God says no

Zach Guillot: pray and give

within 6 Degrees of Separation: Me – Coworker – Coworker’s Grandson (classmate) – Zach Guillot Zach is entering his second round of chemo on Friday (12/16/11) because we still don’t have a confirmed donor…please pass this along if you can…! Thanks. Julie/mom PLEASE HELP FIND A MATCH FOR ZACH! WHO IS ZACH? – Zach is 7 years old and attends 1st grade in Dallas. He is missing his two front teeth and needs a bone marrow donor for the holidays! – He was a grand marshal in the 2010 Children’s Medical Center Parade in Dallas…you might have seen him on TV … Continue reading Zach Guillot: pray and give

Peter Helms – 11.18.11 Update, posted by Hope

Peter is home from the minor surgery he had to remove scar tissue inside of his throat caused by the trach. The doctor also switched the type of trach out to the one we can cap fully that will teach Peter how to breath in and out through his nose instead of just breathing in through his nose and out through his trach. This week we started the first capping trials with him, and the first day he did really well. Other days it seems to cause Peter to panic a little bit, but we think that’s fairly normal since … Continue reading Peter Helms – 11.18.11 Update, posted by Hope

Peter Helms – pray without ceasing

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. James 5:16 Remember Peter Helms? Here is the latest update, posted by Hope: His secretions have been really thick lately and he has been unable to rest well for a long time. Poor guy has had very very painful coughing fits that make his whole body reflex and the area around his trach bleed. Please continue to pray for Peter and his family! Let love be genuine. Abhor what is … Continue reading Peter Helms – pray without ceasing

Peter Helms – urgent prayer

Please PRAY for Peter Helms! The following story and update are from the Facebook group: 07/29/10 As many of you know, today at approximately 9 am Peter Helms was in a serious car accident on 1187. So far all we know is that he was t-boned by a dodge pickup at around 60-70 mph. Currently he is in ICU at a hospital downtown and is suffering from severe head trauma after being taken there by helicopter. The surgeons were able to drill a hole in his skull this afternoon to release some of the pressure from the bleeding on his … Continue reading Peter Helms – urgent prayer