Johnny & June

This has been such a wonderful journey for me. I have learned so much over the last several months. I was told a lot of effort goes into planning a style shoot. My source wasn’t kidding. I must say the time invested in this project was TOTALLY worth it, as you shall soon see! The story of Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash is epitomized in the stellar 2005 film, Walk the Line, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. My FABULOUS models, Mack and Chelsea McGowan (of McGowan Images), have a love story themselves that has distinct similarities to that … Continue reading Johnny & June


THANK YOU, GINNY CORBETT! I have been…..(wait for it)…..RENEWed. 🙂 RENEW defined. – definition… 1. to make effective for an additional period 2. to restore or replenish 3. to revive; reestablish my blog post preparing for the workshop: RENEW workshop website: Ginny Corbett Photography – RENEW RENEW divulged. – what I gained… lifelong friends and industry partners technical camera skills posing ideas and interpersonal tips workflow efficiency and editing tricks practical hands-on training and application RENEW displayed. – gallery of portfolio…   Continue reading RENEWed

Senior: 08 : KT

Check out the newest addition to my Portfolio, “Senior: 08 : KT”! (on the Portfolio page…hence the name, Portfolio.) Get this…one of the “props” during the session was a horse!! This was my first photo shoot with a live animal of such magnitude. (For those animal lovers out there, the horse’s name is Alf!) It took him awhile to figure out that the “click” noise from the camera wasn’t going to hurt him. =] Many thanks go out to my wonderful assistant, Mrs. M! Congrats to KT on her upcoming graduation from high school! Hope these pics will bring back … Continue reading Senior: 08 : KT