Reading Saves Lives

Whether it’s a stop sign or a tome from the days of yore, reading does, in fact, save lives. I’m not sure why growing older makes me feel the need to throw out confessions, but here’s another from my archives. I wasn’t a big reader before college. My homeschool friends might disown me. Sure, I read for school, but not for fun. Who reads for fun, right? 😉 Let’s just say time changes perspective. Continue reading Reading Saves Lives

Push the No Button

I have another confession. I’m just a guy who can’t say no. (Uhh…that sounded bad. I didn’t mean it that way.) I hate telling people no. There are many reasons why I think this is true. But I know there’s one main reason that guides my knee-jerk yes response: People pleasing. That’s right. I’m a people pleaser. Or rather a recovering people pleaser. I needed to learn the lessons below a long time ago. Continue reading Push the No Button

Be Still and Know

Life is filled with wonderful things, difficult times, and often a busyness that knows no end. God is always faithful and good through it all. And every breath truly is a gift. But sometimes we have to press pause and take stock. For me, I’ve decided to do this at least 4 times every year. This may sound crazy, but I have to schedule these times in Sharpie (both with pen and paper & digitally) and be intentional to “be still and know.” Continue reading Be Still and Know