Iron Sharpens Iron

How would I have survived my 20s without friends, family, my church, pastors, and mentors? And how could I brave the uncharted road ahead without a faithful tribe? A key to life is having friends who are not merely fun to be around but also good at challenging us to grow in love, maturity, and godliness. Iron sharpens iron. Real Christian fellowship and discipleship are crucial to surviving life and any life changes or transitions. Continue reading Iron Sharpens Iron

…and the strawberries didn’t seem to mind, either.

(“strawberries” quote – courtesy of my good friend Marcia) We photographers love two things: food, photoshop, and coffee. (ok, we love more than just two things. :)) Here’s what went down Saturday evening: We made Mike’s Scrumptious Summer Salad & Marcia’s Decadent Andes Mint Fudge. “YUM-O!” (LOVE Rachael Ray!) Mike’s Scrumptious Summer Salad (in order of appearance…on the plate, that is :)) Baby Spinach Grilled Chicken Breast, sliced Fresh Strawberries, quartered Walnuts, halved or rough-chopped Feta Cheese, crumbled Balsamic Vinaigrette * Note: Sprouts had everything I needed. Amazing market! * Note: I used Drew’s Balsamic Dressing. Perfect match! Accompanying the … Continue reading …and the strawberries didn’t seem to mind, either.