1k | one glorious journey

I passed THE mile marker recently. ONE THOUSAND Instagram posts!!! 😀 (Shameless plug – follow me on Instagram: @jmhansen) Here is my very first IG post (according to Statigram). I’d say the timing is basically perfect because I’m about to make a trip to Austin. Of course, this means I shall be making a very necessary stop in Waco at my favorite coffee house on the planet – Common Grounds!!! As I scroll through the now 1,000+ IG posts I’ve made over the last year or so, I am amazed to see where the Lord has taken me. So many … Continue reading 1k | one glorious journey

#WINNING Wednesday

This moment has been brought to you by…one happy driver. #WINNING! May I introduce…ROAD NINJA! Road Ninja rules the highway. He (or she, if you prefer the Angelina Jolie/Charlize Theron type) stealthily guides you to the nearest (extremely elusive…not. even. kidding!) Chick-fil-a. No more guessing. No more looking for the lackluster green information road signs. No more passing the ridiculously quick exits. For my iPhone friends, slide to unlock…your Apple treasure’s fullest potential. Just let your GPM…I mean, GPS…do all the work. (Movie reference, anyone?) Open the app. Let your GPS locate nearby options. Or press the funny little Interstate … Continue reading #WINNING Wednesday

I like social organization. and I think I just found my hero.

~ I don’t want to count my, umm…chickens…before they hatch, but…I love #Flipboard! and yes, just for kicks, I threw in a #hashtag. Sue me. (Shout out to Michael Scott!) All of my favorite social apps and newsfeeds are delicately placed into one design-smart, user-friendly (for those with thumbs…or any digits, really! I mean, even a nose would suffice. Don’t judge. Long, cold story. Lord Voldemort – yeah, I said it – would be hopeless without fingers or toes), clean interface, flip-motion (as the name suggests) MAGAZINE! I’m done yammering now. Just check out these iPhone screenshots for further proof … Continue reading I like social organization. and I think I just found my hero.