Who Are Your Heroes?

As far back as I can remember, there have always been people I’ve looked up to and admired. Some of the names on that list have dropped off for various reasons; others have since been added. People who have lived admirable, selfless, and upright lives ought to be seriously considered and evaluated for one’s list of heroes. These people should never be idolized or worshiped, obviously. But if they’re living life well, it would be reasonable to imitate the good they produce. Who are your heroes? Continue reading Who Are Your Heroes?

Run the Race

I started my running career while in college. My primary motivations were to stay healthy, lose weight, and find my own individual sport. If you asked me then if I wanted to run a marathon, I would’ve just laughed. But as my running career progressed, that bucket list item eventually crept into my runner’s brain and became a growing dream. I began to understand what it meant to run the race. Continue reading Run the Race