from John MacArthur, August 17, 2010: …the true meaning of the Bible is not determined by how we feel about it. Its message is not vague or altogether mysterious. God didn’t give it to us as a mere suggestion, and we can’t capriciously decide to take it or leave it. God’s Word is bold, honest, and direct, cutting across the grain of popular culture. It penetrates hearts, illuminates minds, and transforms lives. Our circumstances and preferences don’t inform or liven up the Bible, dictate its meaning, or determine how it applies to our lives. It is eternal truth, living and … Continue reading Truth

This is war.

I just received a “new” book in the mail from JMac & Grace to You – Ashamed of the Gospel, 3rd edition. I think the premise of this book finds a great complement in the awesome Getty hymn, O Church Arise. ~~~ O Church Arise by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend O Church Arise and put your armor on Hear the call of Christ our Captain For now the weak can say that they are strong In the strength that God has given With shield of faith and belt of truth We’ll stand against the devil’s lies An army bold … Continue reading This is war.