Challgren Family

♪ ♫ No wind / No rain / No winter’s cold / Can stop me, baby ♪ ♫ Some pretty heavy thunderstorms were headed our way. Thankfully, rain didn’t show up until an hour after our shoot. Cloud cover = sweet light for me. 🙂 The Challgren’s were great in front of a lens. I appreciate it when my clients work with me on location. We had so much fun in Roanoke! I believe this was my first time officially shooting with a pet in the scene. I’m also fairly certain this was my first time capturing some shots of … Continue reading Challgren Family


THANK YOU, GINNY CORBETT! I have been…..(wait for it)…..RENEWed. 🙂 RENEW defined. – definition… 1. to make effective for an additional period 2. to restore or replenish 3. to revive; reestablish my blog post preparing for the workshop: RENEW workshop website: Ginny Corbett Photography – RENEW RENEW divulged. – what I gained… lifelong friends and industry partners technical camera skills posing ideas and interpersonal tips workflow efficiency and editing tricks practical hands-on training and application RENEW displayed. – gallery of portfolio…   Continue reading RENEWed

Guthrie Family

Charming downtown. Great contrast. Fashion with a statement. Perfect sunlight. These are my friends. I love them. They basically rock.   A precious father and son moment in front of the fire station.   Here is the shot I chose for the sneak peek. I love it so much, I decided to post it again. 🙂   As a fashion lover, I have to say this has been one of my favorite shoots to date. (I’m open to more fashion shoots in the future. Just sayin’. Call me. 🙂 ) Subtle. Classic black. Polka dots. Deep purple with hot pink … Continue reading Guthrie Family