e-session sneak peek // Austin + Nicole

this gorgeous post is long overdue. I’m gonna keep the verbiage brief on this peek: I love working with people who are willing to do just about anything to get that one shot One of my favorite shots EVER is from this shoot – for real! (see last photo; Nicole, feel free to steal! ;)) My traveling companion, Mr. Red Angry Bird, made his very first cameo in this shoot (you shall see him in future shoots, trust me) now for the good stuff! (full post coming soon) *TOUCHDOWN DANCE* Continue reading e-session sneak peek // Austin + Nicole

Drew + Stephanie

Photographing friends is so much fun! I enjoy being around newly engaged couples. Love is in the air! I’ve known Drew for several years now. He has basically been my long lost big brother. (At this time I would like to say, “I am not for sale.” My minion contract expires when I do.) Stephanie started attending our church a few years ago and has been a great friend. 🙂 The night before our shoot we ended up at the same party. We discussed last minute details over a game of Loaded Questions. (Great icebreaker…and a good way to find … Continue reading Drew + Stephanie

looking for models

I really, really, really want to shoot a theme engagement session. Something about telling a story through photographs is appealing to me. If you, or someone you know, is into this kind of thing (or would be interested in me planning a shoot with them), please contact me! (jmhansenphoto@gmail.com) Here are some words to describe said photoshoot: FUN. AMAZING. COOL (YOU would be considered COOL). CREATIVE. MEMORABLE. UNIQUE. See the following links for great examples of the experience I’m eager to create for YOU! Jack & Jill – Photos based on song lyrics? Genius. Hmm…creative juices are flowing now. (photo … Continue reading looking for models