Going Dark

What would y’all think if I started a FOODIE series on DARK CHOCOLATE? Dark Chocolate. Weekly fix. One happy foodie. Going Dark | Red Fire According to Katrina, of Haut-Chocolat, the following steps describe “How to Enjoy an Exotic Candy Bar”: Breathe Engage your senses. Take three deep ujjayi breaths, quiet the chattering mind and be in the present moment. See Notice the color of the chocolate. There should be a dark glossy shine to the bar, indicating a good temper. Do you see red flecks of chili embedded in the chocolate? Smell Rub your thumb on the bar to … Continue reading Going Dark

Notes of an amateur foodie….

French Bistro Cooking Class Let me just say, I’ve always been an Italian food person. French has never been on the top of my list. But, I’m so glad I gave this a try. (Thanks, Jordan, for taking me!) This class, offered by Market Street in Colleyville, was not hands-on. It was, however, a demo with dinner. After the chef demonstrated the process for each course, we were served that portion of the menu. The entire menu was actually very manageable, even for an amateur chef like myself. The staff chose a white (Les Charmes Macon-Lugny Chardonnay) & a red … Continue reading Notes of an amateur foodie….


{Central Market: A Foodie’s Playground} As I made my way to the register, I stumbled upon this delightful morsel. ZAGNUT! Coconut + Peanut Butter? The only ingredient that could have made this the candy bar of the century is, of course, chocolate. Hey, I can’t complain. I was sold on the coconut. Love it. Always have. I pity family and friends who are opposed to said tropical delicacy. Continue reading Zagnut