Zach Guillot: pray and give

within 6 Degrees of Separation: Me – Coworker – Coworker’s Grandson (classmate) – Zach Guillot Zach is entering his second round of chemo on Friday (12/16/11) because we still don’t have a confirmed donor…please pass this along if you can…! Thanks. Julie/mom PLEASE HELP FIND A MATCH FOR ZACH! WHO IS ZACH? – Zach is 7 years old and attends 1st grade in Dallas. He is missing his two front teeth and needs a bone marrow donor for the holidays! – He was a grand marshal in the 2010 Children’s Medical Center Parade in Dallas…you might have seen him on TV … Continue reading Zach Guillot: pray and give

hello out there

It’s been many moons since I made my last post. Thank UTA for that one…and a little thanks to work, but I’m especially grateful for the extra May hours. Since my last post, I turned in a 30-page business plan for my entrepreneurship class, gave a leadership presentation on active listening, completed a graphics project at work on a flight safety instruction card, took several finals, enjoyed a few photographic adventures, took a mini-vacation to Mississippi by myself, heard that the Southlake Panera is officially opened!!, and watched my Dell die right in front of me. Oh well, perfect excuse … Continue reading hello out there

zoom zoom zoom

I bought my first car!! Woohoo 😀 I purchased it from an ebay seller in San Francisco, CA. It is a Mazda3 Hatchback 5 speed. The color is Galaxy Gray Mica. I have never driven a manual before this car, so I’m slowly adjusting…but getting better every day! Back to the whole San Francisco thing – I flew out on Saturday morning; worked out all the details and picked up the car before lunch; took the car into my possession; headed to the Golden Gate Bridge for photo op; drove a LONG road home! (>1800 miles!) I stopped in my … Continue reading zoom zoom zoom