“Time-bound” rules (any social gentleman must abide by….), part 1

The “5 minute rule” The “20 second rule” — These two rules are very unique. The only real connection between the two is the reference to a specific unit of time. Both deal with how a gentleman must behave in a social setting. — The “5 minute rule” pertains to the approach of a handshake between two gentlemen. For the latest scoop on this rule of common courtesy, ask your local Charlie…or his representative, myself! 🙂 — The “20 second rule” implements boundaries for conversation…a.k.a. dialogue. A dialogue is defined as “a conversation between two or more persons.” (Webster) Allow … Continue reading “Time-bound” rules (any social gentleman must abide by….), part 1

melting pot: part deux

Another conglomeration of thoughts from the “pen” of jazz hands. An update on photographic adventure with NYIP: I am currently studying Lesson 4, from Unit 1. This lesson focuses on “how to use your camera.” It discusses the various creative outlets a photographer can use to produce a “perfect” picture. The author presents the subjects of Aperture priority and Shutter Speed. The lesson teaches me how to use these two subjects to create Depth of Field (DOF). I am enjoying this course very much. I will soon be working on my first photo project. I will try to post part … Continue reading melting pot: part deux

Snazzy Coffee Joint

It’s A Grind. This is the name of one of the snazziest coffee joints in all of North Texas. On a scale of 1-10, (1: being very poor; and 10: being very excellent), here are my ratings: Ambience – 10 Service – 10 Accuracy of Order – 10 Delivery (literally…to where I was seated) – 10 Taste – 10 Aroma – 10 Price – 10 Art – 10 [The leader of the jazz world, Satchmo, is the subject of the portrait hanging over the fireplace! Talk about culture and artistic taste!!] As you can see, I wholeheartedly approve of this … Continue reading Snazzy Coffee Joint

Decorating a Door…

Yep, my brother and I decorated a door for the Christmas season…. The office complex we work at had a contest for door decorations…I couldn’t resist! This was a great opportunity not only to be creative, but also to be a witness to the rest of the complex. Our design was based on a simple version of the nativity scene, with the stable and manger set in a “typical” Bethlehem environment. Using black posterboard as the background, we placed miniature stars in the “sky” part and we hung a “3D” Christmas star over the top center of the door. My … Continue reading Decorating a Door…

Lindy Hop!

The grandfather of all swing dancing! (for further explanation, see:) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindy_Hop I tried it out…and was fairly impressed. It is definitely harder, in my opinion, than the basic East Coast Swing. But hard is not necessarily bad… Lindy Hop basics –> check out this pic! Aerial! –> here’s another pic…this one is pretty cool! All in all, I had a blast! This swing dancing (and lindy hop) thing is addicting! For those of you wondering whether or not this is for you, you can only know if you try it out for yourself! But I would definitely recommend it!! If … Continue reading Lindy Hop!