Fire Alarm

So I have this knack for being in the right place at the wrong time. Fire alarms are not uncommon when I’m around. I participated in drills all the time during elementary school. I traveled to Western Europe several years ago. Apparently they love their fire drills. They got me rushing out of the shower just to practice a “false alarm.” I also got separated from my dad at the Heathrow airport because of their crazy obsession with utter cacophony. Colleges have always been a battle ground for fire alarms. Students decide they don’t want to take tests, so they … Continue reading Fire Alarm

“Human Resources, this is Michael. How may I help you?”

Yes, it has been awhile since I’ve posted. But life is busy, what can I say? Let’s see…quick update on my life… Work – I am still working for American Aerospace, Inc. and Royal Aire. I officially keep up the books, “direct” office affairs, and now, keep up with the graphics & design department. I am currently working on websites for said enterprises…as well as logos! For those that know me, you can already tell, this work is right up my creative alley! 🙂 School – I am still a student at University of Texas – Arlington. My current semester … Continue reading “Human Resources, this is Michael. How may I help you?”


AAAGGGHHHH! To be completely honest, I’m really not panicking that much. I have completed one final exam and have two more to go. I will certainly be grateful for the semester to be over…Christmas break, here I come! =] Thursday, 12/13, I will be taking the last two of my finals. I will also go to an advising session that morning regarding next semester. This brings up something more stressful than finals – career decisions!  You know how I started this post…yeah, will that’s how I’ve been feeling about making career decisions. I just wrote a post on my second, … Continue reading Finals!

To be or not to be…hmmm…

As most of you know, I have a Tuesday/Thursday class schedule at UTA. Well, for my accounting info. systems class, I was told I had to attend a mandatory lecture Friday (10/12) at 7 pm. The guest speaker is a board member of FASB (faz-bee; a.k.a. Financial Accounting Standards Board.) This guy was also an employee of Arthur Andersen (ENRON!! Does this ring a bell? I had to write a paper about this in my Principles 1 class, so I should know…lol!) You wouldn’t think FASB and Arthur Andersen would appear together on a resume…oxymoron….Anyway, so I go to this … Continue reading To be or not to be…hmmm…