30 Life Lessons

I set out to accomplish the crazy idea of blogging once a day for an entire month. And I succeeded. Huge sigh of relief. I hope y’all have enjoyed my curated #30Before30 list. I included daredevil highlights and tantalizing food photos, but mostly shared life lessons. Here’s a quick reference list of my 30 Life Lessons (or 30 Before 30):

30 Life Lessons

  1. Be the Friend You Need
  2. Put that iPhone in Airplane Mode
  3. My Short Acting Career
  4. Be Still and Know
  5. Choose Joy
  6. Run the Race
  7. Laughter Is the Best Medicine
  8. Seek Wise Counsel
  9. Iron Sharpens Iron
  10. Anyone Can Cook
  11. Astonished by the Bible
  12. My Secret Weapon for Winning Monday
  13. Who Are Your Heroes?
  14. Today’s Good Mood Is Sponsored by Coffee
  15. My God Is So Big
  16. Life Is Short
  17. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
  18. That One Time I Jumped Out of a Plane
  19. Treasured in My Heart
  20. Sing a Song
  21. Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today
  22. Is there Hope for Millennials?
  23. Push the No Button
  24. Reading Saves Lives
  25. Look Up
  26. Let’s Brunch!
  27. Livin’ on Prayer
  28. New York City in a Weekend
  29. Write This Down
  30. Repent and Believe the Gospel

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