Reading Saves Lives

Whether it’s a stop sign or a tome from the days of yore, reading does, in fact, save lives. I’m not sure why growing older makes me feel the need to throw out confessions, but here’s another from my archives. I wasn’t a big reader before college. My homeschool friends might disown me. Sure, I read for school, but not for fun. Who reads for fun, right? 😉 Let’s just say time changes perspective.

24. Reading Saves Lives.

Fast forward to now: I love to read! For professional and recreational reasons. Fiction, nonfiction, spiritual development, leadership, biography, history. ALL THE BOOKS!

Me before the joy of reading:

Me after I discovered the truth about reading for fun:

I’ve heard a bunch of motivational speeches over the years about why reading and books are so important. Here are a few gems they imparted:

“Leaders are readers.”

“Books change lives.”

Have you heard similar sayings?

One of my favorites is by Charlie “Tremendous” Jones:

“You are today who you’ll be in five years except for the people you meet and the books you read.”

I have this terrible habit of collecting books, starting them, and then amassing an unfinished book tower of Pisa.

Occasionally, however, I’ll find a book or two that I just can’t put down. I’ll finish them in a flash. I might lose sleep over them because I’ll stay up far too late to finish them.

Here are just a few of my favorite (finished!) books:

Here are a few of the many books that are part of my “in progress” book tower:

What books are you currently reading? What’s your favorite book of all? How has reading changed your life?

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