My Secret Weapon for Winning Monday

Experts and headlines all promise guaranteed methods for achieving success in life. I’ll jump into the fray and throw in my two cents. Mondays, for some, are the WORST. (Or, for another friend, it’s Tuesdays.) I enjoy my life routines and adventures, and having a go-to plan each week ensures I function at the top of my game. So, what’s my secret weapon for winning Monday?

12. My Secret Weapon for Winning Monday.

Can a list of things collectively be called a weapon? Because I can’t choose just one thing. And if I had to, it would hands down be coffee. Easily.


But no. My “weapon” is more like a strategic game plan. And it’s nearly a guaranteed win every time.

Does every week look the same though? Am I always out of bed and ready to go? Ha! Please. 🙄 (Totally NOT a morning person!) However, overall, I think I’ve found my groove.

What works for me might not work for anyone else. But if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right?

Here’s my secret weapon for winning Monday:

  1. Prayer
  2. Bible time (A specific passage, a devotional like Days of Praise or A Spectacle of Glory, or something from a recent sermon.)
  3. Shower (Some of the best ideas pop up in there. 😏)
  4. Breakfast (Most important meal, they say.)
  5. Review my daily/weekly calendar (I prefer a “no surprise” approach to my commitments. I’m up for an occasional adventure, sure. But I don’t want to miss out on my scheduled meetings, hang-outs, dinners, family time, etc.)
  6. Intentional driving soundtrack (Sometimes music, often my audio Bible for my 5 Day Bible Reading Program, or just silence for thinking, praying, and general Monday emergency preparedness.)
  7. COFFEE! (Y’all knew this one was coming! Perhaps you thought it was first on my list, but I usually prefer it mid-morning—fresh, rich, and black.)
  8. Prayer (I said prayer twice. I know. That’s because I need help. Every day. Every moment of every day. There’s no way I’d make it through Monday—or even just out of bed—without getting in line with God’s plan for my day. I can plan out every 15 minute block, but ultimately, I can’t control what happens. The key is open-palmed flexibility.)

How do you power through your Monday? Do you typically find yourself celebrating a victory? Or is it the constant struggle of “I’ll be better next time?”

I hope my “secret weapon” inspires others to bravely face, confidently tackle, and prayerfully aim for a Monday win.

Wake up. Show up. Run the race. Then claim your “I conquered Monday” medal and finisher t-shirt.

How’s that for a #MondayMotivation pep talk?

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