My Short Acting Career

Do you have any regrets in your past? Missed opportunities? Delayed decisions? Well, one of my claims to fame slipped through my fingers when I pulled an envelope from my childhood mailbox. I could’ve been a star!

3. My Short Acting Career

I grew up near the city of dreams—Los Angeles. I had the chance to fulfill the La La Land (favorite movie of 2016, by the way) dream. (Sounds glamorous? I would’ve been an extra. But isn’t that how many acting careers start? I’ll never know. Dreams change.)

One fine day I walked to the mailbox, probably as an assigned chore, only to discover a nondescript envelope with my name on it. When I opened it, I skimmed the document for important details. Acting. Invitation. Children. “Extra” opportunity.

Y’all. I was asked to join Saved by the Bell.

No joke.

What was the deciding factor that ended my short acting career? An overdue application deadline.

I blame the 1990s United States Postal Service for crushing my hope to be the next Mario Lopez.

Moral of the story? Don’t pick dreams that rely on timely mail delivery. Or soon-to-be-outdated fashion choices.

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