Dodging Dizzy Dallas for a Whirlwind Waco Weekend

Sometimes I need a mental break. (Not a breakdown.) Just white space. And renewal. And Cowboy Coffee.

And Torchy’s queso.

That’s a lot to ask for in the middle of a consistently chaotic calendar. I’m a busy person. I find myself doing a lot of things—mostly good things—but does busy equal good? Not always.

I want to be faithful (and responsible) to my commitments—family and friend-ly relationships, workplace duties and professional development, church service and volunteering, and physical and spiritual fitness. (More on being faithful and my “word for the year” in a future post.)

But busyness often shifts my focus away from being wholeheartedly faithful to my desired priorities, goals, and relationships. Thus, I often find myself forgetting my “why,” forced to tackle the next tyrannical, urgent task.

People lose their way when they lose their why. —Gail Hyatt

So, how did I find time to slow down and rediscover my “why?”

I hit pause. Slammed on the breaks. Blacked out calendar dates. Told some people no *gasp* and immediately felt a measure of guilt.

But it was worth it. And here’s why:

1. Humans must rest and take care of their bodies and souls in order to be useful to God and other humans. This is biblical and scientific. Research abounds on rest and its benefits. Google it. Also this.

2. Margin. We all need it. But the world is obsessed with progress. While progress isn’t our enemy, it certainly doesn’t promise health or balance. We must take a step back on a regular basis and evaluate our use of life resources and investment in key relationships (see #3 below). White space is not something to sneer at. Embrace it! So much can be said about this concept, but I want to write about that in a separate post (including a timely connection with HGTV’s Fixer Upper cohost Joanna Gaines). Keep your eyes peeled and inboxes open. (PSA: Perfect time to remind you to subscribe to my email blog updates via the easy-peasy form on the sidebar or footer.)

3. I committed to doing an annual review of my life after my pastor gave a message on goals and priorities. I’ve stuck with it every January ever since. It’s the beginning of the year—the season of resolutions—and it just makes sense to my mind and personality to hit reset at the top of the year. Getting away from normalcy ensures I won’t “say yes” to life distractions. Being in a different environment also brings an amount of spontaneity, newness, and adventure. All of those things can boost creativity and sharpen focus on what’s truly important.

Friends have asked me why on earth I would choose Waco as a desirable destination. For all the Chip & Jo fans and lovers of coffee…um, DUH. But instead of spilling digital ink on this, let me just show you why Waco.

Tour #SouthShot—my (tiny) home-away-from-home. If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, you would love this house!

In the midst of hitting reset, sometimes sprinkling in a dash of fun is just what the doctor ordered. Naturally, being a block away from The Silos, I moseyed on over to Magnolia heaven for food, coffee, cupcakes (!!!), and shopping. I finally feel like an official fan with my #DemoDay hat and #Shiplap shirt! (Check out my friend’s fantastic post on how to do Waco as a family.)

No Waco trip would be complete without (multiple) visits to Common Grounds. Great coffee. Cozy old home environment. Stuffed with studious future scholars and nurses of America. Moonlights as an intimate concert venue. Great artists have blessed this backyard stage. (Below: The Civil Wars, Ellie Holcomb, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, and Phil Wickham)

I have decided that coffee shops are also great places for Bible journaling, musing, and people watching. It seemed fitting to doodle my first artsy entry while lounging at CG.


Easily one of the best decisions to kick off 2017, my escape from dizzy Dallas for a whirlwind weekend away in Waco allowed God to work in my heart in a special way, setting the stage for necessary changes and freshly baked goals.

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