Barefoot Bachelor Kitchen: Avo-wow!

What do you get when you mix avocado (nature’s butter) with a delicious egg nestled in the middle?



I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. But this recipe definitely lands on the love side. HuffPost shared some amazing ideas for stuffed avocados.

Of course, I chose to go the modified route and do some test kitchen flavor maneuvers. Why not kick this simple dish up a notch? My Latin blood called for heat; I answered the call. 😉

Here’s what I did (for 3 servings):

– Halved 3 large avocados & removed pits
– Cracked 1 large egg per avocado half (6 total) & plopped it right into where the pit used to be (Let’s be honest. Celeb chefs don’t always share their mistakes. But I’ll dish on myself for your benefit; although, I’m sure y’all won’t make the same mistake. I didn’t evenly split open one of the avocados so the half was pretty shallow, leaving no room for an egg yolk & white. Solution? Scoop out that yummy green and indulge. Hey! I’m just making sure the ingredients are safe for party consumption. Don’t judge me.)


– Baked at 350° for 20 minutes
*Optional (but not really) heat:
– Sprinkle hot cheese medley (or pepperjack) on each half 1 minute prior to baking completion
– Remove from oven & add a dash of salt & pepper to taste

Oh. And I almost forgot the pièce de résistance: Crumble hot, crispy bacon on top. BACON!

If you’re hardcore, add some hot sauce (ideally Cholula).


Scoop out that rich yumminess and listen to your heart do a happy merengue. 🙂

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