Put your phone away.

When was the last time you looked someone in the eye and had a real, uninterrupted conversation?

A millennial acquaintance of mine told me she and her friends would play a game during social outings. It revolutionized their friendship-building skills and crushed the stereotype of my generation. I’m sure it has an official name somewhere on the interwebs, but I think it could easily be called the Cell Phone Stacking Game.

Cell Phone Stacking
Photo credit: Nick Bilton/The New York Times

Participants remove their pesky, anti-social devices and place them on the dinner table, forming a technology tower. No one may touch his or her phone, check social media accounts, or answer texts or phone calls. The first person to break this rule must pay for every person’s check.

Novel, right?

I discovered an article by The New York Times addressing this very issue involving a Silicon Valley career millennial. It summarizes a wonderful approach to revitalizing social interactions across the globe. Let’s change the world, one fun challenge at a time. Bon appétit!

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