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Thanks to the internet, my job has allowed me to, in effect, mentor total strangers. (This is not to say that I have this limitless wealth of knowledge & wisdom in my brain to disperse abroad at the drop of a hat. But what little I do know can be shared, right?)

I was contacted by a high school student who was struggling with doubts about his faith. (Side note: I can’t tell you how many times professing Christians subtly mock me for believing Genesis & the creation account are important and foundational for the Christian faith. Read this guy’s email and tell me that it doesn’t matter. You better believe it matters! Science hasn’t proven evolution, a man-made attempt at a universe without the Creator God. Have you heard the 80% figure thrown around about the number of young adults leaving church?) I’ve often heard people say it’s okay to have doubts. And that may be true, but don’t leave the doubts lingering for long without doing something about them. Seek out the truth found in the Bible, pray, and seek godly counsel.


Here is part of what I sent him. I hope it will benefit others as well.

Here are some helpful articles that address evidences for a young, God-created universe:

Talking with a Creation Astronomer

How Young is the Young Earth?

Is the Big Bang Biblical?

I almost apologized for not giving a one sentence answer, but I remembered that anything worth knowing is worth the effort of reading for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. Examine and research and study on your own. Be a responsible, ever-learning adult.

These things matter. Sure, they’re not comfortable topics. But clinging to something that honors the One who made you is worth all of the hateful words and even the threat of death. Stand strong for the Truth.

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