foodie review: The Pearl Cup

I wrote this post yesterday at The Pearl Cup, establishing myself as an almost-regular.

Can I just say, N. Henderson Ave. is a tiny (albeit brilliant) diamond on the tip of the Dallas skyline tiara?

There are so many treasures in this foodie district. I’ve only barely scratched the surface of this fine edible commercial zone.

So, The Pearl….



This joint has the best latte in Dallas, according to D Magazine. Thank you kindly for the tip, D. You are spot on.

Joy in a cup? Yes.

Very yes.

Have you ever tried a lavender latte? Yes, I said lavender. And it’s amazing. Try it. You won’t regret it.

– Amazing (seriously) caffeinated beverages. (You MUST try the cold brew & iced drip if you want a good coffee buzz. Caffeine junkies unite.)
– Knowledgeable (!) service with a smile.
– Bright, welcoming ambiance.
– Great modern selection of music.
– A comfortable, not-of-this-century bar for easy access to the drinks and casual conversations with the friendly baristas.
– Location, location, location – easy access to foodie haven, SMU, uptown, Mockingbird Station, and downtown.

I raise my mug (for real, I’m raising my mug) to this delightful nectar oasis.

How do I get a frequent drinker card? 😉

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