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I was asked to write a personal blog for work about why I’m a creationist. Here’s a brief excerpt:

I am a creationist and here is my story.

I grew up in a Christian environment – Christian parents at home, Christian Sunday School teachers, Christian friends at my private elementary school. Whenever I was taught about the Bible, I was told that it was entirely true, from Genesis to Revelation.

Did I always believe in the historical account of God creating in six 24-hour days? Yes.

Could I have adequately defended the biblical creationist worldview? Probably not.

One thought on “of writing & identity

  1. I can totally relate, except for the part about being home-schooled. I went to public school, but “in those days” teachers try to cram evolution down our throats. They may have taught it as a theory (junior high and high school), but never as a fact. Great job, Michael; I’ll be sharing this in my social networks! 🙂


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