Celebrating Three Hundred

I can think of no greater way to celebrate my 300th post & the 4th of July then to share three points on freedom:

1. True freedom is found in Christ alone.

Our liberty in Christ is not freedom to sin whenever we so choose, but rather freedom from our former bondage to sin. (from Your Origins Matter: True Freedom)

2. We serve an infinite, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent Creator God. He blesses us with His great grace and mercy.

I had the opportunity last night to stargaze with coworkers, family, and friends just south of Decatur.

Dr. Jason Lisle is a gifted man. I consider it a privilege to work with him. Check out his personal blog here.

I posted the following art piece on Instagram (jmichaelhansen):

A heavenly portal. | God is too good to me. How can I worry about anything when my Creator has the entire universe under His sovereign control? Star upon star. Galaxy upon galaxy. He has named each one and knows their sum. Incredible.

3. America, even with its trials and growing anti-God culture, is still a beautiful and history-rich land.

The 4th of July is one of my most favorite holidays. I’m thankful for the many sacrifices made for my freedom.

And celebrating with fireworks is just so cool!

God bless y’all on this day of rejoicing in our freedom.

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