What do deep dish, Hitch, and South Africa have in common?

I haven’t totally lost my mind. This definitely happened. Only in Chicago, right? (Shameless social media plug: Follow my adventurousness at #ProjectMikeMeetsChicago) I’ll get to the juicy stuff from the title momentarily, but let me set it up with a few more touristy happenings. I like big cities. Hustle and bustle. Taxi cabs. Crosswalks. People…lots of people. Diversity. Food. Local cultural hodge-podge. Color. Lights. *insert Petula Clark singing Downtown* Saturday was kind of like The Muppets Take Manhattan, but without the voiceovers or the plethora of NE accents. I put on my proverbial daring hat and shuttled myself from O’Hare … Continue reading What do deep dish, Hitch, and South Africa have in common?

truth or death: Google Maps

That moment when the Google Maps traffic feature blatantly LIES. You’ve been there, right? I wasn’t in a rush, but still…. (*insert tangent here* I will never understand the reasoning behind “rush hour.” Another culture lie. You ain’t goin’ nowhere, honey. Not even emergency vehicles can make it through rush hour speedily.) Have you also experienced that moving, loud voice (opposite of the still, small one) that tries to bring out the inner Hulk rage and fury? Traffic can sure be the catalyst to bring out the wicked flesh. On my way to Bible study (temptations often like to come … Continue reading truth or death: Google Maps

Jason Aldean and the Five-O

No, he hasn’t formed a new band. (As far as I know.) I thought about calling this post “Midnight at the Gym,” but that wouldn’t be entirely true. What is true, however, is I discovered a handful of amazing/thrilling/comforting things around said time. I can add one more song to the Triple P – Perfect Pacesetter Playlist. Thank you, Jason! I do believe that was the first time I’ve actually run a 5k on a treadmill. Don’t judge. Although, it was under the air conditioning vent. Okay, feel free to judge now. I’ve been spoiled. I’ve never felt safer at … Continue reading Jason Aldean and the Five-O