Broken Eagles

Originally posted on Ernie's Musings:
Those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles … (Isaiah 40:31, NASU)             There she was – a beautiful, majestic American Bald Eagle – separated from the curious crowd by a moat and a four-foot fence.  She was perched on a large log. Above her the open sky beckoned – no cage, no netting, nothing to obstruct her flight.  Yet, there she perched observing her observers.  She made no effort to leave her perch.  Actually, she could not have flown if she had wanted.… Continue reading Broken Eagles

from your first breath

25 years ago I took my first breath. Suddenly I had an infinitely greater amount of space to stretch without getting kicked in the head. As great as that sounds, I was now alone. An Eskimo flying solo. Or so it seemed. One minute elapsed. 380 finally made his appearance. Move over, MMMBop. Boy bands are SO 90s. Duos are timeless. I could write a whole bunch about our years of growing up together, but I’ll try to keep this post short. 3 reasons why you will always be my number one best friend: 1. You are the reason why … Continue reading from your first breath

brothers forever

Y’all might not need a kleenex for this post, but I will. I’m kind of a mess right now. I know we’re supposed to become more responsible as we get older and become real adults…but frankly, this stuff just plain stinks. Selfishly, I hate seeing one of my best friends move away. I’d rather keep my inner circle geographically close. But I know the Lord has bigger plans for each of us. His ways & thoughts are far greater and holier than mine. I know He will use my brother & his family to accomplish great things in the Volunteer … Continue reading brothers forever