remember when…?

My recent escapade to the capital of weirdness brought about an epiphany.

I wonder when I last used a film camera….

Believe it or not – my first camera was NOT digital.

Soon after I hit my one year anniversary with Walgreens, I got promoted from the customer service rep position to the photo lab tech spot. I touched film quite a bit. It always intrigued me. I never experimented with my own film, just the customers’. So when I left the lab, I basically lost all connections with the film world.

After being so heavily involved in the digital world with my Canon Rebel over the last several years, I have often wondered what it would be like to take up film again.

Well, it’s MY turn to play.

I can now say I possess a unit of total film delight – the Diana F+.

I plan on sending my first roll off to the lab soon to get developed & printed. (Theoretically, I could develop & create prints myself – I learned those techniques via the NYIP course. I would just need to rent equipment and stage a darkroom. Sounds expensive for a hobby though….)

When the prints arrive, pending they are not totally ruined in terms of exposure, I will display them in digital form here on my blog.

*crossing fingers*

My newest tag line, in addition to my favorite one from my good friend Marcia (“Just Wing It!”), is courtesy of the Lomography film industry:

Don’t Think. Just Shoot.


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