I haven’t tried this yet…but I MUST! As an aspiring #foodie, I would love to add this powerhouse edible to my arsenal. Mouth. is. watering. If any of y’all beat me to this, pretty please tell me if you enjoyed it!

Finger, Fork & Knife

Who doesn’t love a soft taco? Really, is there anything as quick, fresh and oh so satisfying as a bunch of fresh and tasty things wrapped up in a soft, warm tortilla? No is the answer.

This is my mash-up of a soft taco. Take some Chinese flavours, mix them with Mexican techniques and add some locally grown produce and you get a delicious collision of flavours. My Honey-Soy Salmon, Coconut + Crispy Kale Taco features a tasty little mound of healthy goodies – black rice, crisp shredded kale, toasted coconut, avocado, orange, and honey-soy baked salmon – all piled high on a soft tortilla. Fusion, world food, contemporary – call it what you want – the main thing is that my remix provides a spark for your own recipe or adaptation. In short, this is a recipe designed to get the juices flowing.

1 x 200g salmon fillet


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    1. Totally a pleasure, Kate! Thank YOU for sharing! I simply cannot wait to try this. I’m looking forward to more of your recipes.



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