Do you love your neighbor? (Or, is your friend living a lie?)

What do Christian Teens Actually Believe About Jesus?

(Click the link above from Biola Magazine)

How can I personally reach people in Gen Y?

The Bible answers this question from a different route:

    How can a young man keep his way pure?
By guarding it according to your word.
(Psalm 119:9 ESV)

The word of God. The Bible.

In it is everything we need to live – life and godliness. (2 Peter 1:3)

This is all written with the presupposition that you believe in the God of the Bible, that His word is true, sufficient, and infallible, and that His Son, Jesus, is everything He claimed to be in the written testimony of Scripture.

I write this with a heavy heart. I keep hearing of friends who are walking away from the faith they once claimed. In fact, I’m adding a new member to this list today. (If you, the reader, are one of these friends, I beg you to come to Christ. You know what the Bible says. You’ve been taught the truth your entire lives. Why are you rebelling against your Savior? You’re breaking my heart. But even more importantly, you’re slapping God in the face. Each of us put Christ on the cross. You’re just choosing to do it over again…and again…and again.)

Were they ever truly Christians? Or was this “faith” just a culturally acceptable, peer pressure induced state of being…until something else “better” and more convenient came along?

Here are a few quotes I found particularly insightful from the article above:

  • I don’t see Scripture needing any special ad campaign or “teen friendly” package. It already has within its pages everything a Christian teenager wants and needs in life. What our kids must come to know is that their Bible is real and true and trustworthy. When they come to grips with that, it’ll change everything — and create a hunger for God’s Word that won’t be denied.
  • Right belief translates into real experience.
  • The absolute best thing you can do for any Christian teenager is to help that teen grow confident in the trustworthiness of Scripture. Teens who believe the Bible is reliable are more likely to embrace authentic Christian beliefs and — according to the data — are significantly more likely to experience an authentic, noticeable relationship with God.

Here is a challenge for all of us. Are you comfortable with your current friends/clique/peer group? Do you ever talk about serious things – you know, like faith in Jesus?

A human soul is invaluable.

Get out of your comfort zone!?

Even better, make a new one.

The definition of “comfort zone” must be one that speaks of openness and honesty about Jesus and His word, the Bible.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. It might be too late.

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