come on, baby! photo safari! (Austin style…meaning weird)

So, I had a change of plans. I decided to postpone my running until EARLY tomorrow morning (SO incredibly rare for me since I’m a night/midnight runner at heart.) I would rather not be attacked or kidnapped on the poorly lit (due to nightfall) 4.5 mile track between the hotel, river, and downtown. (Some of you follow me on Twitter & Facebook, so you should recognize the kidnapping reference from earlier…yeah….)

This wicked cool photo safari happened due to a wrong turn.


This is yet another time where I am amazed at God’s providence, even in the “little” things.

What you will see below is raw iPhone 4 footage…with camera shake and all. No editing (except for the two IG shots). Also, to keep the flow of this post easy on the eyes, I will refrain from posting text in between photos. If a message is to be shared, it will be in the caption box connected to the image.

Enjoy! And please leave me some love (a.k.a. comment, ask questions, share an Austinian quote (or Austenian…love me some P&P!), make me laugh, etc.) I LOVE comments! It pleases me muchly when I know y’all are engaged with my ramblings.

First photo? Weird. Go figure.


I’d like to think her name was Helga, but alas, I forget her true name. So…Helga it is! This lady changed the course of Texas history. Let’s just say things went BOOM! And our capital is still in Austin because of it. Hooray!
Another destination mug!!! Welcome to the family, Austin. πŸ™‚ @Starbucks would be proud.





I want to see the Hitchcock film! Any of you film buffs out there recommend it?
I would definitely categorize this as weird. They move. It’s gross. (This was a sushi bar. I love sushi. But this is too fresh for my taste.)


I was walking briskly passed this place for the Capitol when I noticed something incredibly cool in the window. What drew me in led me to the discovery of something very, very cool! Let me just say, my new enlightenment has led me to major excitement. So much excitement that I simply must share it with you. But you’ll have to come back soon to see the results in another blog post. I’m telling you…you cannot miss it!!
I SO want to do this in my room. This is beautiful!



My IG friends will remember this post. Isn’t our Capitol the most beautiful one ever?!
The House of Representatives
Every little detail in this building was so well thought out. I’m impressed.
The Senate
Another IG post. I’m definitely purchasing this for myself on Instacanvas. A must-have art piece for any Texan!
This guy is a Rangers fan! #WINNING
I am in love with this. Can I take it home with me, please? Thanks.


My boss doing double duty with his precious children. They’re getting so big. Time flies way too fast these days.

Peace out!

…and keep your eyes peeled for a SUPER EXCITING post in the near future.

Would y’all like a hint?

If so, ask for one in the comments section below and I will reply with a juicy tidbit. πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “come on, baby! photo safari! (Austin style…meaning weird)

  1. Genius max, work of genius. You creationists have all the fun! Nice nod to the confed. soldiers mon. (whistlin’ Dixie anyone?)
    Oh, and it’s funny how comments appear steepen the pics on the mobile view…nice try making me think they wouldn’t be there..

    Oh, and Angelina Eberly was quite a lady…sigh…those were the days

    What no bat pictures…you must get them

    And a hint?

    M. Du Bois….my press card. You see!!!


    1. Thanks!

      Angelina Jolie. That’s it!

      Bats…I keep hearing about this, but I’m not recalling knowledge on this subject. Do tell.

      Think grain.



  2. Awesomeness!!
    Yes, please bring the dome home ( and those door hinges too πŸ˜‰
    That Ranger fan is a winner!
    VERY wise not eating those…. Whatever they are…. Ugh :/
    ‘Yay’, Helga!!
    Your boss and kids, thumbs up!
    Have a great day!
    One of your biggest fans πŸ™‚


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