1k | one glorious journey

I passed THE mile marker recently.


Instagram posts!!! 😀

(Shameless plug – follow me on Instagram: @jmhansen)

Here is my very first IG post (according to Statigram). I’d say the timing is basically perfect because I’m about to make a trip to Austin. Of course, this means I shall be making a very necessary stop in Waco at my favorite coffee house on the planet – Common Grounds!!!

As I scroll through the now 1,000+ IG posts I’ve made over the last year or so, I am amazed to see where the Lord has taken me. So many real adventures. Hard times. Joyful memories. Life lessons learned. I’m so unworthy. This post truly fulfills the purpose of this blog – Beholding HIS Glory! I pray that, however long I have been given to live out my life here on earth, I will use my every waking breath to honor and magnify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here’s to the next thousand!

Soli Deo Gloria

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