“In Defense of Genesis” by Ernesto Carrasco

“In Defense of Genesis” by Ernesto Carrasco

This is a MUST READ! Mi hermano, Ernesto, writes regularly on his blog, Just A Thought. The latest article, “In Defense of Genesis,” is a powerful apologetic for trusting the entire Bible as God’s actual Word – infallible and complete. The book of Genesis is the book of Beginnings. We can trust what God has said from Genesis 1:1 all the way to Revelation 22:21. Christ created the universe with a word. He chose to accomplish it in 6 literal 24-hour periods of time we call “days.” Read God’s Word and believe it. 2 Timothy 3:16!

One thought on ““In Defense of Genesis” by Ernesto Carrasco

  1. The Tanach, containing the Torah, The Nebim (prophets)’ The Ketuhbim(writings) make up theScriptures prior to the birth of Yeshua (Jesus). Then we were graced with the teaching of Grace in the Apolostic Scipures (Brit Hadasha or NT). ALL of these precious words were “settled in Heaven” and our Abba Father placed them above His Own Name (YHVH- Yod Hey Vav Hey). He promised us that not ” one word would return void.”

    Anyone won wants an inspiring depth study in Bereshit (Genesis) Should go to wildbranch.org and
    order the 52 CD’S by Brad Scott on Genesis , Outstanding ,Awesome, Enlightening, to say the least.

    Brad is a linguist and a Hebrew and Greek scholar , including Paleo Herbew.

    Be Blessed In Him,

    Merle Fraser


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