McG Family Christmas Portraits

Mack & Chelsea, of McGowan Images, grace my blog once again with their model presence. Remember Johnny & June? My ROCKSTARS are back! This time they brought their offspring (also ROCKSTARS, as seen here)…and the family fluffy pet, Gertie! Of course, I basically had the time of my life. Any time spent with McG is well spent. I love them to pieces!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

A very Merry (Flame Retardant) McG Christmas to y’all!

Thank you, Mack & Chelsea, for sharing a December Saturday morning with me. Y’all mean the world to me – great mentors & awesome friends! I can’t wait until my next adventure with McG.

2 thoughts on “McG Family Christmas Portraits

  1. These are so beautiful, Michael. You worked with our uncooperative and unphotogenic family and made us LOOK as warm and happy as we felt. We’re so blessed to have become friends with you, and thrilled to pieces to have seen your talent develop over the past year. You’re welcome to keep taking our Christmas card pictures every year!


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