Peter Helms – 11.18.11 Update, posted by Hope

Peter is home from the minor surgery he had to remove scar tissue inside of his throat caused by the trach. The doctor also switched the type of trach out to the one we can cap fully that will teach Peter how to breath in and out through his nose instead of just breathing in through his nose and out through his trach.

This week we started the first capping trials with him, and the first day he did really well. Other days it seems to cause Peter to panic a little bit, but we think that’s fairly normal since his brain still hasn’t developed the strong connection and muscle memory of breathing through his throat and nose.

I think Peter is still dealing with some pain from the surgery, but definitely recovering. Please continue to pray that he would heal and that we can make steady progress with the new trach towards weaning him off completely!

For the family,


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